Behind The Scenes

“Our Island, Our Water, Our Future” – The Nature Conservancy

A year and a half back, Carl Lobue and The Nature Conservancy on Long Island, turned up to our studio in Patchogue to discuss a short film series on water.

We were in soggy boardshorts and still had zinc on our noses from that mornings session. Instantly there was a connection!

16 months later, 11 people, 11 walks of life, 11 films live at

The Kiwi Connection

The sense of worldliness in our work doesn’t come from reading books or flipping through travel mags. We book tickets, we travel light, we chase golden hours, visions and stories, to drive us as people and creatives.

Key Summit, Millford Sounds


Milford Sounds Hwy, Fiordlands - New Zealand

The road brings us an understanding of the world and how we can change it, on vision, one project at a time.

Red Vault New Zealand…….stay tuned.

The Essentials of International Video Production

Recently, we had the opportunity to spearhead a corporate project entailing production that spanned across both hemispheres. As we geared up for a two-day shoot in Boston, Massachusetts, arrangements were also being made to knock out an additional day in Auckland, New Zealand. Lucky for us, NZed is near and dear to our hearts at Red Vault.

TimeLapse Screen Grab

That being said, with a lot of working parts, a limited production budget, and a full 16-hour time difference, it was essential to stay organized to ensure an efficient and effective production.

Have a branded/marketing/film production that spans multiple countries? Here are a couple of tips of the trade and ideas to keep in mind;

1. Communication is Key - There are countless factors that play off of each other in a normal single-location shoot. Scheduling, lighting, camera profiles, media transfer, crew, talent, travel, call sheets and interview questions are all at play. Multiply that by 2 and through extreme differences in time and equipment, permits, locations, etc. and you could be in for a cluster of a remote producing experience! However, a follow up email, a Skype call, a seemingly pointless checkin on a location, talent, equipment setup, and mutual agreement of the production goals can be the difference between a project that looks thrown together and a project that tells a story, has a global feel, and creates the buzz you are looking for.


GlobalDairy Screen Grab

2. Patience is a Virtue - No matter how quickly you would like or need to bang out a shoot and a quick edit, you are dealing with a time difference affecting crew scheduling, asset transfers of large source files, and overall production management. Going hand-in-hand with effective communication, understanding and coming to terms with the fact that the project may not be produced, shot, and edited over several hours, or even days, is essential to keep production running smoothly.

3. Know Your Remote Crew - Having a relationship with the person or persons who will provide the on-set presence is really important as production is in a sense, all in their hands. You might be remotely producing and have a couple of chats before and after the shoot, but you are not lighting, turning over tape, or managing the talent. If you are lucky to have had the opportunity to meet or work with the person before, then you immediately have a sense of connection and understanding for who the crew member or members are and what they might be capable of. If that is not a luxury, in today’s technological age, the abilities to reach someone remotely and get to know them on a digital medium can be just as effective. Again, communication is key here; Skype call, emails, instant messages and quick chats can all be used to provide you peace of mind before you hand over the keys to the castle. We have had the opportunity to work with our main man Ross MacKay of Stash Media Worx in person while down in NZ, so we have seen his work first hand. Also having our Director of Operations established down in NZ makes communication seamless.


4. Camera Settings/Profiles/Frame Rates/Record Formats - You DO NOT want to get to post-production and realize that the footage shot out of the U.S. was in PAL and not NTSC; that your project that needs to be in a 1920×1080 timeline and 24fps was shot in 1260×720 at 50fps, in a super highly saturated profile with no lateral ability to match your source footage shot at home. There are a lot of different cameras, a lot of different profiles, and a ton of different styles and understandings of shooting,. That said, with some communication, and some decent grading, you can match just about anything.

Interview screen grab


5. Asset Transfer - So how do you get the 25gbs of footage shot in New Zealand to New York? Dropbox or the Cloud would take days. The answer: send portable HD’s or SD’s to your remote location. The team can then transfer footage off a master drive and send it back to you via snail mail. We always send two drives or cards; if one set of footage gets corrupted or lost, you’ll have a backup. This is where scheduling and timing comes in. If they can’t dump them on the drives right after the shoot because the drives aren’t there, hopefully they will have time to get it sent out when the drives finally arrive. Remember, they have lives and other projects at work too!


At the end of the day it is about planning. Understanding that there is going to be a delay because of the literal movement of time is important. Having a report with your remote crew and being able to trust that they are going to get the job done in your physical absence is paramount. Being extremely transparent with the client/financial support and/or crew is great business practice and should also keep your blood pressure down as well. Most of all, embrace the intricate production that goes into a project like this. It is not everyday that you have the opportunity or desire to want to include content from across the globe.

We at Red Vault thrive on intricate production planning and operations, ensuring that an international and worldly feel of these pieces is addressed. From New York to New Zealand and every set in between, there is a will and a way to get international video productions to the screen on the most cost-effective, highest-quality level.

We look forward to traveling with you!

Behind the Lense: Fathoms of Consciousness

The life of a creative being is unlike anything you have ever witnessed.  We tear at ourselves from the inside out, looking for answers that only we can ultimately attain.  Finding sanity in places often foreign to others, we embrace the present and the beauty in the unknown.


John Angiulo finds his sanity with the eb and flow of the tides; in the depths beneath his surfboard.  A Montauk native and published author, John’s inspiration comes from waters that surround him on daily basis on Long Island.


We teamed up with John on film project to highlight the balance of the creative lifestyle and how it relates to surfing.  With a deadline of July 23rd for Long Island’s Parish Art Museum’s 2nd annual Atlantic Vibrations Film Festival, we had week to plan, shoot, and produce a short film that surfers and artists alike could relate to.


- Photo by Austin Collins -

Montauk is such special community of creative and passionate people, thriving from the ocean and off of the land.   A new of consciousness is at work here and we are stoked to put the finishing touches on a new type of surf film.


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A New Look at Red Vault Productions

We believe progressive motion fuels greatness. One more wave, One more mile.  We push ourselves further to see what is possible.  It is the difference between your everyday session and an epic run.

The difference between your web video and a fiery marketing campaign.  At Red Vault, we know it is paramount to stand prominently amongst competition yet be humbled in the presence of greatness.  This has pushed us forward both personally and professionally, as we embark on our latest journeys to inspire, inform and motivate.

We look forward to working with new ideas, companies, individuals and gear, as we conceptualize and produce cinematic content that changes the way people perceive branding.  Its about the story, the adventure, the inspiration, or path that is relatable, relivable, and pertinent to the world.

This is our New Look……..This is Red Vault.

Real Beer, No Bull$*#!

Nestled in the back roads of Polish Town in Riverhead, NY a new taste in beer is a-brewin. Long Ireland Beer Company, co-owned and operated by Greg Martin and Dan Burke, is on a mission to make craft beer accessible to the community.

One of three breweries now residing in Riverhead, with countless others popping up around the Island, Long Ireland is not alone in the craft beer industry. However, they are bringing something special to the table. Their beer tells a story in such a thirst quenching and unique way, that you will be grabbing a growler to take home and continue the experience among friends.

Founded on the idea of “Real Beer, No Bullshit,” Long Ireland takes pride in delivering good beer to real people. With a tasting room filled of numerous beer drinkers and craft beer enthusiasts weekly(Thursday-Sunday afternoons till 6 or 7pm), you will always find a familiar face and welcoming atmosphere to belly up to the bar and immerse yourself in.

Stop #1 on our craft beer project, Dan and Greg opened their doors and gave RVP the inside scoop as to the happenings inside the old red and white barn on Pulaski Street. Here’s a quick peak into their flagship beer and what drives them forward.



Stay tuned and quench your thirst for beer by checking back and following production at Be sure to stay up to date with Long Ireland and stop by for a pint when in Riverhead. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @redvaultpro.

Red Vault Productions supports the craft beer revolution on Long Island and throughout the country, reminding you to drink local, drink craft, and enjoy with friends.

Benefit for the Bays 2013 — Sag Harbor, NY

Aboard the Mariner III at Long Wharf in downtown Sag Harbor, guests enjoyed dockside cocktails followed by a one of a kind three-course dinner cruise that circumnavigated Shelter Island. Chef Gustav Trägårdh of the internationally renowned Swedish seafood restaurant, Sjömagasinet, joined the guests serving up some of his finest dishes throughout the evening.

The event jointly supported Peconic Baykeeper and Waterkeeper Alliance in their efforts to protect swimmable, drinkable and fishable waters on eastern Long Island and around the world.

Learn more about the cause & how to get involved at

Also visit to find out more about the waters near you.

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Hampton’s SUP Race Series Stop # 1

A monumental force behind protecting the waters of Long Island, the Peconic Baykeeper organization teams up with Main Beach Surf & Sport each year to celebrate the bays and raise awareness of the importance of clean water close to home. Kicking off the summer season in style, the “Paddle for the Bays” event is stop # 1 of the larger Hampton’s SUP Race Series running throughout the summer all over the east end of Long Island.

75+ paddlers turned up at Haven’s Beach in Sag Harbor with the support of East Hampton Volunteer Ocean Rescue, Red Vault ProductionsWerner Paddles, Reflekt Polarized, and SurfTech.

Always stoked to do our part in support of the bigger picture, Red Vault employs our highly inventive visuals to inspire, inform, and motivate the masses. For more information about how you can get involved protecting clean water, please visit and “Like” them on Facebook @

Click the Facebook tab at the top of the page to get there.

photo credit Daniel Gonzalez


Free Noise Brigade’s New Album “The Right” — Summer 2013

18 months ago, Long Island based reggae/dub band Free Noise Brigade set forth on a journey to cut their first full length album. With an overwhelming response to their hit self-titled EP available on iTunes, FNB moved to capture and catalog all that makes them who they are behind the music.

Lead singer and guitarist Ryan Dobby reached out to Red Vault for help in documenting the many month creative process of recording an album that speaks of their trials and tribulations as an up and coming group from Long Island,

Many an hour was spent at the Cellar Door Studio in Amityville, NY as the band plugged away  to tell their side of life through music. The space was cramped and confined, but FNB embraced it as a true testament of their passion and desire.

Christine CU

The Right set to release Summer 2013 with a studio session behind the scenes look int the life and dreams behind the hottest beach jamming group from Long Island. Show your support and like them on Facebook or follow their progression on Twitter @FreeNoiseBand.

Don’t forget to check out some of Free Noise Brigade’s latest cuts out on

FNB Group-2


EXP Adventures: Give Us a Week, We’ll Give You the World

Have you ever thought there to be a world outside your small cubical where you drone through paperwork, clicking around on Facebook when the boss isn’t looking, from 9-5?

Are you a weekend warrior who wants to explore more of who you are and less of that same old bar on the corner where you know everyone, and everyone knows you?

EXP Adventures is celebrating a record setting year of bringing people like you to experience places only dreamed of on a budget that can’t be turned down. Dog Sledding in the Yukon? Scenic hikes through the hills of Scotland? What about a 12 Hour Trail Run in our own back yard? That world beyond you cubical exists…..take the 1st step.

Red Vault Productions and EXP Adventures are working on a package to allow people to travel to the ends of the earth in discovery of themselves, while not having to reach for their camera to document their experience. Red Vault has you covered. Ask about this and other offers when booking with EXP Adventures.

For more information, visit

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