The Kiwi Connection

This film explores the pedal-driven stories of passion within the mountain biking community of the isolated nation of New Zealand. Known for its majestic topography and as a prime off-season training ground for the world's top athletes, New Zealand is a breeding ground for greatness. However the locals' story is often over-looked. It's about the bike shop technicians, the baristas, the tradesmen and business professionals. The balance of work and play is crucial to their existence as they are driven by their next ride to dictate their paths in life. These are the Kiwis. This is their story.

Taking a grassroots approach through narration, personal interviews, and the visual allure of New Zealand's countryside, tracks and trails, The Kiwi Connection explores the culture, the athletes, the local's way of life on and off the bike. These are relatable stories for everyone who has pedaled more than just a few feet. The Kiwi Connection is a portal to an obscure culture with a view to be relished and envied.

We are working to capture the hidden realities of mountain biking and the country's barely known brilliance through a down-home, organic experience. Everyone will get to live the adventure and, as the journey in and around New Zealand rolls forward, we will capture and share that feeling and emotion that keeps us heading out for another ride.

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