In The Media

Trails and Tribulations

Runtime: 3 minutes
Directed by: Stefan Beaumont
Produced by: Red Vault Productions

The mountains are the monoliths always calling our names; their siren song beckoning us all to trek toward the nearest peak. But for some, the closest summit is not a distant spectacle on the horizon. For those who call the flatlands home, there is plenty of solitude to be sought at sea level.

Long Island, New York’s Greenbelt trail and endless pine needle paths are the hidden gems in our own backyard, serving as both a playground and a training ground for outdoorsman and runners alike. Although local, even hometown trails can become the most majestic of places and a launch pad for discovery from within…

Trails of relentless forward motion are awaiting at your doorstep. Lace up and live in your playground…!

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