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Stefan Beaumont

Founder / Director of Photography
Stefan is the driving force here at Red Vault. His versatility and consistency across various production environments sets Stefan's creative eye apart from the rest in his field. His work as a cinematographer in the city that never sleeps, complements the outdoor adventure filmmaking passions that take him worldwide. His upbringing in the mountains and waters of New England has shaped the way life is viewed through his lens. Stefan's passion for lighting and storytelling in the natural world allows for timeless visuals that transcend genre. Always eager and willing to be plummeted into the latest thrill, he is driven to capture the awe inspiring moments in life.

Corey Adams

Creative Director
Corey is Red Vault's filmmaking multi-tool. As a self proclaimed movie geek, and producer of several documentaries, Corey grew up on movie sets in the heart of New York. Through the necessity to create and bring ideas to life, Corey has found himself occupying numerous jobs across the film production board. Immersing himself in every job, Corey often finds piece of mind lacing up his skates and throwing his cares against the boards.

Rob Riccardo

Writer / Producer
Rob is the principal wordsmith behind all of Red Vault's projects. Skilled in both the written and visual mediums, it is his vocation to capture the unfolding story and present it to the masses. Rob's professional experience comes from working in a fast-paced television/news environment as a staff writer for one of the world's top-rated cable newscasts. An avid surfer, snowboarder and cyclist, Rob gets his biggest adventure thrills when he's competing in endurance running events, racing 50+ mile ultra-marathons through the roads and trails of the world around him.

Nick Kemp

Director of Operations (NZ)
The Kiwi connection, Nick is Red Vault's on ground presence in the Southern Hemisphere. A dual citizen of New Zealand / US and master mechanic with numerous certifications within the cycling industry, Nick's passion for the mountains and trails has brought him a lifetime commitment in the saddle. His relentless, never-settle mindset has pushed Red Vault's documentary filmmaking to new levels.
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