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Corporate Video Production

We understand the importance of a brand's relationship with its targeted demographic. We work hand in hand with our clients to seamlessly develop and/or rejuvenate their brand's identity. Capturing the key facets behind each individual and corporate entity, our exclusive storytelling commercial pieces virally captivate and motivate the masses.
Long Ireland Beer Company

Short Film Production

Some of the most memorable stories are short and sweet. They dance on the emotional pallet, creating a complete story space if but just for a few moments. Collaborating with filmmakers and artists who share a similar vision or script to produce, energizes the imagination and potential creative application. We have a couple of our own too.
Trails & Tribulations
Sang Lee Farms

Documentary Filmmaking

We tell stories of life, the journey, and the impenetrable forces of passion. Inspired by those who tirelessly pursue their dreams, our niche form of storytelling sheds light on life's pivotal moments and adventures. We do our best work in the outdoor world as it is where we find ourselves naturally drawn to. As we mold and shape each episodic project, we too are naturally crafted and educated by the people we meet, the adventures we embark on, and the stories that fall upon our ears. We bring these experiences forward, presenting the stories that have never been told.
The Kiwi Connection
Little Did I Know

Audio Production

An effective film is a bi-sense experience. Our visuals provide the foundation, as sound design brings our audience into the environment in total immersion. Whether it be crisp dialogue for your next corporate film or narrative, or the next radio spot you want to produce, our audio production suite has the most essential tools and talent to allow your sound to captivate your audience.

Stock Footage

Red Vault has a library of stock footage available for purchase and use in your personal and commercial video projects. Our high quality stock and time lapse footage add a great deal of professionalism to any project. Click the link below to browse out stock footage.
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