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Hey, it’s Hank Huhnke. I’m the new guy here at Red Vault Productions helping Wendy, Stefan, and Gaia run this epic filmmaking operation. 

It was the last full week of June and the team took a trip to Long Island to roll camera with K.Sidrane Inc., a packaging and labeling company based out of Farmingdale, NY. We spent the better part of the previous week(my first week in house) prepping and packing before shipping across Long Island Sound from the ferry terminal in New London, CT. After hopping from farm stand to farm stand, we ended up at our Airbnb.

Like most days on set, day one started early. After picking up some bagels that we later would find out would fail to live up to the hype Stefan was giving them, we slogged through Long Island traffic before arriving at the location. When we arrived, we met Adam, Arielle, and Zach, the siblings who are the third generation of the K.Sidrane family.

My makeshift tabletop studio

Day one was all about capturing the plant as it functions day to day. While Stefan worked the wide angles and people shots, I was tasked with the macro shots to capture the fine detailing that we see in the labeling of products that we use daily. From the art department to the massive printing machines and the finishing area, no job was overlooked and no camera angle was unchecked.    

Day two we met up with audio extraordinaire, Nicholas Wagner. You might have seen or heard of him before but if you haven’t, check out our Instagram to keep updated with day to day production life.

The sounds of industry

Our main objective this day was to shoot the scripted narrative which outlined the business label making process from conception to completion. Nick captured voiceovers and on set audio while Stefan operated the main camera with Wendy overseeing the creative vision. I set up a makeshift studio and documented the product labels K.Sidrane has created for a wide range of clients before joining the crew for the rest of the day to aid with the main shoot.

For the final shot of the day, we had almost all of the roughly 60 person staff pile into one room including all members of the Sidrane family. The energy was great.

After a long day on set we parted ways with the wonderful staff and owners of K.Sidrane Inc with full memory cards and empty batteries. The team finished the day with some sushi and beer at a favorite spot right by the old Red Vault Production headquarters. While this wasn’t my first time on set with Red Vault, it was fun to see the team back in their old stomping grounds on Long Island.

Looking forward to future travels both big and small.

words by Hank Huhnke

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