Being Nomadic ain’t so bad…

When our good friend and brewmaster Rob Raffa said he was going out on his
own, we were all for it. But starting a business, building a brand, brewing
good beer and telling that story all takes time. Rob is a nomad after
all…much like many of the Red Vault team! We go with the flow, live life on
our own terms and don’t mind a little solitude.

So, it made sense to us that Rob began “nomadic brewing” at other brewhouses. Hence his dream of Ubergeek Brewing was launched. And yes, he appears, he brews awesome beer and then ‘whoooosh’…just like a superhero, he has vanished….leaving you with good vibes and even better beer.

We had a lot of fun filming and photographing with Rob and can’t wait to see where he goes next. Cheers!!

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