Photography / Video

We offer a complete range of drone photography and video options. Stunning aerial video can make your commercial, film or marketing video unforgettable. We offer raw footage to do with as you wish or professionally edited images/video.

Surveying / Inspection

Leading Edge offers a variety of aerial surveying services including: Solar panel and wind farm, transmission lines, pipelines, aerial farmland and forestry inspection and monitoring. We also specialize in estate management and historic site surveys.

Aerial Mapping

UAV's lower flying profiles afford unique vantage points that create accurate and accessible maps almost immediately. Using programmed flight paths and high-resolution cameras our up-to-date maps of the work area can track progress or change of the site. The maps can be edited and email ready for your convenience.

Specialty Operations

Humanitarian Aid: When disaster strikes, you need data quick. We can fly over the affected area and provide an instant overview to help assess the situation, identify potential dangerous elements and seek out needed solutions.

Search & Rescue: We can provide the immediate eye-in-the-sky and operate at lower altitudes if cloud layer or weather is an issue. Our drones are able to get beyond the "roadblocks" to continue the search while not interfering with ongoing rescue operations.

Wendy E. Reynolds

Owner / Chief Pilot / Adventure Seeker

Workaholic and perfectionist, Wendy owned and operated her own seaplane charter business for over 10 years before entering the production and drone market. Her expertise in aviation and the aerial view, along with her passion for cinematography and ecology, now pairs with perfectly with RVP’s mission. She is an Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Alumni and environmental activist, who prefers life outdoors and “with a little elevation”.

"Leading Edge Imagery provided gorgeous, professional still and video drone footage of our facilities that have helped us showcase the scale and beauty of our operations—not something that is always obvious at a wastewater treatment facility!"
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