Shifting Gears to Shift Meals | A Vermont COVID Film | Part 2

The story continues……

With wind in our sails, due to a lot of research and “screen time”, we reached out to our next victim…the gang at The Skinny Pancake.  We thought they were just crepes and yummy local food but once we found out what they were doing to help displaced restaurant and gig workers, we had to get their story.

We could not film in the way we were used to...

Unfortunately for us, most business and people were all ordered to Stay Home, Stay Safe!  And that meant we could not enter buildings, masks were now being worn, everyone was operating at a distance, basically, we could not film in the way we were used to.

Michael Cyr, Director of Marketing, was gracious enough to meet us on the street in Burlington and answer questions from afar.  Never in our filmmaking careers did we think that boom poles in the shot was going to be a thing.  But alas, times are a changing!  It’s now cool to play the boom. (or at least we think so)

So, equipped with long lenses, masks, gloves, and said boom pole we learned the story of Skinny Pancake’s Shift Meals.  What seemed like an initial, selfless response to food insecurity was only the tip of the iceberg.   As time marched on…so did Shift Meals, going from just supplying food to actually cultivating it.  

In times of crisis…it’s one thing to react but it’s a completely different thing to develop a well-structured plan ensuring a better future.

written by Wendy E. ReynoldsPlanet Axis Inc.


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