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For the past several Winter seasons we have working with the State of Vermont to capture “Winter in its Original State.” 

When this winter season revealed a number of new challenges both for the operations side of the ski industry and for Vermont’s loyal skier / rider customer base, our partners at Ski Vermont looked to us for a solution in messaging. 

To keep everyone safe and sane, we suggested a straight forward script to be developed & written by the state, paired with remotely filmed “talking head” reads to bring us a simple and effective PSA about skiing this winter during the ongoing pandemic.

Utilizing resorts’ existing B-Roll footage and their on-staff marketing folks (most of whom have an iPhone that can film at 1080 in their pocket), we churned out a timely piece to hit the marketing channels.

“Know Before You Go”

It may not be the sexy, cinematic film that we are Red Vault are known for and geek out on, but it is an example of adaptation to the needs and desires of the media markets and our friends / clients.

Collaboration with numerous people remotely may seem like a daunting task, but when you can’t travel, and have a short timeline for production, remote filmmaking options exist and should be embraced.

Mask Up, Be Kind, Ski On.


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