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If you have been following along on our social channels (and not here…), it is certainly no secret that we have been working with the team at Magic Mountain Ski Area in Southern Vermont to produce some really dynamic marketing films & other content over the past year. From Olympic Hopefuls to Winterfest Celebration (lets not forget our “Confessions” series) we have certainly run the gamut of filming and producing content that breaks the mold of tradition ski porn marketing.

We value more – more fun, more engagement and more laughs … because lets face it, the world needs to laugh more!

So how did “Geoff’s Secret Message” come to fruition…

“Geoff’s Secret Message”

As the ski season comes to a close each spring, it is beyond customary for hills to release short films and videos in marketing the sale of their season passes, retaining the last little bit of their audiences’ attention before, warm weather, boats, fishing, golf, etc etc flood the mind waves…

Here at Red Vault, we are skiers (and filmmakers), dreaming of the days we had and frothing for more (while tuning up the bikes and trails for the summer), so we love seeing great skiing in great snow with some great music as much as the next person.


… we also know that these visuals are not the ones that retain or engage a target audiences attention, and are easily flicked past on a social feed. But we are trying to SELL PASSES $$$$!!!!

It comes down to a few filmmaking and creative storytelling tips…

• Know your audience

• Make people smile

• DON’T reinvent the wheel…

It is said that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” , but there is a fine line in the creative world between “ripping an idea off” and “playing into the concept, while making it your own.”

The latter is what the creative team at Red Vault did, with a concept evolving from a conversation over dinner to full creative script, shot list, location staging, & execution.

We went as far as to switch up roles with our face & cinematographer behind the camera taking the hot seat in front of the lens for this one and our director / drone girl framing it all up.

Our Director Wendy E Reynolds behind the lens for this one…

Shot over the course of a couple hours, and hitting the social channels on the 15th of April to boost the season pass announcement, the organic traction that we garnered with it was astounding…

Within the first week 2K views on Youtube, 10K on Facebook and 4K on Instagram … oh and the first tier of early bird season passes sold out!

So next time you need to make “A Crumby Commercial? Son of a …”

In the great state of Vermont or worldwide …

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