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LET’S FACE IT … thoughts of skiing take a backseat for most in the summer months as the majority of us try to escape the heat in the North East, jumping into damn near any suitable body of water that we can find. But for a select few, it is the busy season.

That’s right, while we’re all chasing single track trails with apres cold beverages and summer BBQs, the lift maintenance teams at ski hills across the country are hard at work, putting in the long hours to ensure our beloved chairlift chariots spin when the first snow falls.

RiseUp Challenge | Magic Mountain (CLICK PHOTO TO VIEW FILM)

This “off season”, the team at Magic was recognized for their unwavering passion and commitment to the snow ports industry in southern Vermont and was invited to compete in the SAM Magazine “RiseUp Challenge” video competition, showing what it really takes to be a lift mechanic. One of our favorite winter time lifties, Russ Murphy, is the up-and-comer in that department and was the center of the short film the team at Red Vault crafted to give a glimpse of the mantra “Whatever It Takes.”

“Rusty, sell me this pen.”

Now … of course … like any creative brief, there were suggestions of the standard talking head narratives paired with b-roll footage of day to day operations to round out the required 3 to 4 minute video. BUT … If you know us … our approach to creative brand films is anything but “STANDARD” as we love to break the mold and disrupt the norm.

Our Director / Pilot Wendy takes flight to bring the camera closer to the action … she has an observer too 😉

So … with a few meetings, schedule changes, deep dives for creative inspiration, and a nod to the late great Walt Disney, we told the story of 2 guys in a work basket, 3 vintage lifts, and a maintenance list that only a sorcerer to tackle.

WE NEED YOUR VOTE!!! The Magic crew is up against 5 other hills from across the country, so check out the link below, watch the the off season flow and cast a ballot for the Magician’s!

If you are stoked on the film and support independent mountains like Magic Mountain, share the stoke and pass this blog or the video competition on to the your ski buddy (or bunny)

CLICK THIS LINK TO VOTE > https://www.saminfo.com/contest-awards/rise-up-challenge#Magic


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